YABA : New training center planned

Youngsters between the age bracket of 6 to 14 [boys and girls] are being invited for a "Free Introductory Course" which will be run by the Pepsi Football Academy on Wednesday 17th May, 2006 from 3pm.

The venue for this program is the Abalti Barracks, Yaba, Lagos.

Iain Nelson, consultant to the Pepsi Academy, confirmed the plan to open a new training center at the Abalti Barracks, Yaba and that the Introductory Course would be used as a preliminary 'screening exercise? to determine those youngsters, on the basis of evidenced talent, who would be invited to join.

The Director of the Pepsi Football Academy, Kasimawo Laloko, confirmed that participants are expected to come along with their training shoes/football boots and playing strips.