Festival of Youth

It was a "Northern clean sweep" at the 10th annual Pepsi Festival of Youth, held in Abeokuta in December 08.

For the thousands of football students across Nigeria who play in the 14 Pepsi Football Academy training centres, one of their ambitions is to be selected to represent their region at this annual festival of youth football.

More than 150 budding Pepsi football talents travelled with their coaches to participate in the '08 event.
The PFA North [selected from the Kano, Kaduna, Abuja and Jos Pepsi Academy's] swept the board on this occasion, winning both the U 14 and the U 16 competitions.

Consultant to the Pepsi Football Academy, Iain Nelson stated, at the conclusion of the 2008 event that he was especially impressed with the quality exhibited during the U 14 final between the PFA North and the PFA East selected teams.

He also said, to all the players, that it was from such events that some youngsters are selected for scholarships in the UK and that "those who have real ambitions must maintain their focus and positive attitude, along with a strong work ethic and commitment as you never know when your own life-changing opportunity will come knocking."

December 2008