News from Larry at St. Bede’s

Pepsi Football Academy scholarship student Larry Egunjobi is currently in his second term at St. Bede’s School in England.

By all accounts he is continuing to benefit and really enjoy his experience, not least in being coached and playing football in the UK but also socially and academically.

Clearly he is making a significant contribution to St. Bede’s football results.
The schools current statistics so far this season are: -
Played 31: Won 20: Drawn 4: Lost 7: Goals for 109: Goals against 55.

Larry himself has represented the school in 28 of the above matches and has scored exactly 28 goals!! [He is, of course, a striker]

In addition to his success on the pitch with St. Bede’s, Larry has also been selected and has played for the England Independent Schools national team as well as Lewes FC.
He hopes to also be selected to play for Brighton FC in the near future.

According to Larry “ I am always putting in all my effort when I am playing in all my games as some of the coaches of the England team sometimes come to watch student school matches. It was because of my effort and performance that I have been selected.”

Off the football pitch, Larry recalls his excitement when he was offered his 2 year scholarship by St. Bede’s and Pepsi and when he obtained his visa to travel to the UK to play football and study.

“England is a good place to be. It has changed me totally in terms of positive thinking, making friends, being good to everybody and respect. I love the country so much.

I will never forget my gorgeous school, St. Bede’s.
The students are good and caring, likewise the teachers and even the headmaster.
I have learnt so many good things about life from the school, such as understanding that to be successful you need to know what and where you wish to be in the future.

The school and the students have made me understand what is called love.
It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, we are all one heart and soul.”

March 2010